Income, Work and Health Teams provide comprehensive benefits and employment assistance. We help low-income clients overcome a wide range of barriers to obtaining or retaining employment; serve veterans who have served our country in obtaining the benefits they have earned, work with individuals with disabilities to plan transitions to employment, and assist eligible families obtain medical and benefits coverage to stabilize income.


Legal Aid works to reduce food and income insecurity in our community. We help people establish eligibility for unemployment, food, and medical benefits and represent them in hearings and reviews.

Legal Aid also provides advice and services for people who have questions and problems related to access and eligibility for pandemic related unemployment, food, and medical benefits as well as stimulus payments.

Clearing Legal Hurdles to Employment

Often, people do not realize that their problems have a legal resolution. Clearing Legal Hurdles to Employment is an innovative Legal Aid program that assists low-income individuals overcome a wide variety of barriers to gain or retain employment. These include prior criminal records, loss of housing, school discipline, lack of transportation, debt, and guardianship of children.  We identify barriers early in the job search process and provide solutions, to assist job seekers and low-wage workers to be successful and stable at work.

We established Clearing Legal Hurdles in 1996 in partnership with Cincinnati Works and now partner with over 30 job placement agencies. Often, people are unaware of benefits for which they may be eligible that promote employment stability such as childcare or transportation. Legal Aid conducts outreach training to our partner agencies to inform on how we can help.

Clearing Legal Hurdles promotes job readiness, employment retention, and the combination of earned income with public benefits, and work supports.