Recent clients assisted by Legal Aid from L to R: Ms. Greynolds and Attorney Stacy Purcell, Stephanie Smith with Attorney Nick DiNardo, and A’Miracle’s family with Attorney Rachel Barr.

Low income families are experiencing a perfect storm impacting their housing and income stability. Rising rents coupled with a shortage of affordable housing is forcing many families to pay 50% or more of their income for rent. As a result, they are vulnerable to eviction when one major life event such as loss of job, critical illness, or other emergency occurs. Additionally, the high cost of food and other necessities is creating a Hobbesian choice between feeding the family or paying the rent.

At the same time, emergency funds and benefits associated with pandemic relief have ended, leaving families at risk of becoming homeless.

Legal Aid helps families resolve issues that cost families jobs and puts housing at risk, so families stay stable and safe. We provide legal services in coordination with our longtime community-based organizations and government agencies to help families reach their goals. We work with civic organizations and governmental agencies to increase new affordable housing opportunities and preserve existing rental housing units.

Support from generous individuals like you will sustain our efforts to keep families safe and stable in their homes.

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