Legal Aid Helps Clients Achieve Healthy and Safe Environment at Winton Terrace

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

“Ms. Mo’s commitment is to the children,” said Marcheta Gillam, senior attorney at Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, talking about Moneaca Collins, the president of the Winton Terrace resident council. Marcheta continued, “Ms. Mo seeks to hold everyone accountable to achieve a healthy and safe environment for the children at Winton Terrace.”
Legal Aid assists the Winton Terrace resident council to improve the quality and safety of their housing and to keep the neighborhood stable.

“There is a 40,000 unit gap in affordable housing in Hamilton County,” stated John Schrider, Director of Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio. “It is imperative that we work with the resident councils and tenant associations in our community to preserve and improve affordable housing that already exists.”
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Photo by Emily Maxwell – WCPO.