Legal Aid Advocates for Kinship Caregivers

JUNE 28, 2019

As a “Kinship Caregiver”, you may have questions about your rights, the rights of the child, and how best to meet the child’s needs.  For example, how do you get them enrolled in school?  How do you make sure they have medical coverage?  What do you need to do to formalize custody?  Are they eligible for public benefits?

Legal Aid’s Kinship Care team can answer your questions about custody, guardianship, school enrollment, benefits and medical care.

We are conducting Kinship Care clinics in the following Counties during July and August.

  • Georgetown, Brown County: July 11 and August 13
  • Lebanon, Warren County: July 15
  • Hillsboro, Highland County: July 22
  • Batavia, Clermont County: July 30
  • Wilmington, Clinton County: August 6

If you would like to speak with an attorney at one of these clinics, please call (513) 361-8829 to see if you qualify.


Learn more about our Kinship Care work by reading our 2018 Annual Report.