Eviction Moratorium Update

JUNE 30, 2021 –

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court upheld the CDC Eviction Moratorium.  This moratorium is in now effect through July 31, 2021.  Read the Court’s decision here: https://www.lascinti.org/wp-content/uploads/ALABAMA-ASSOCIATION-OF-REALTORS-v.-DEPARTMENT-OF-HEALTH-AND-HUMAN-SERVICES-US-Supreme-Court-order-denying-APPLICATION-TO-VACATE-STAY.pdf

If you think your landlord is planning to evict you, download and complete the CDC declaration form from this self-help guide: https://www.lascinti.org/wp-content/uploads/HG-26-Temporary-Halt-on-Evictions-with-Form-1.pdf

Make a copy of the completed form for yourself and give a copy to your landlord.

Rental Assistance Funds are available, so apply immediately.  The self-help guide also shows you where and how to apply based on the county in which you live.

If you have already received Court papers, please call the Legal Aid Line at 513-241-9400 and ask for housing intake.